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Muscle Relief Salve 15mL

Muscle Relief Salve 15mL


Muscle Relief Salve is much like your icy hot balms, however it is all natural and doesn't have that medicine smell.


Infused with cayenne pepper, ginger and arnica flowers, this rub on stick provided instant relief to sore, stiff muscles and helps to reduce inflammation. Just glide the stick to your irritated areas and let the natural ingredients do their job.


This salve stick is the perfect size to carry in your pocket or purse and keep with you all day for easy application when needed. 


Ingredients: Sweet almond oil infused with arnica flowers, cayenne pepper, ginger root, beeswax, shea butter, peppermint & eucapyptus essential oils


How to use: rub the salve over sore and achy muscles and joints 2-3 times daily. Avoid eyes and open skin.

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