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Black Drawing Salve for boils, bumps, bites and splinters?

I know what you're thinking. What could possibly work for all these? Well, I'll tell you, it's not your grandmother's 'tussin. Although I think she would say otherwise. It is a potent little concoction, that when rubbed on something that's under the skin and needs to come out, helps it come out. And it is what is says it is...a black drawing salve.

Drawing salves have long been used for boils, bumps, bites and other skin issues for quite some time. How far back, not sure but just know it's been a while. Like, a long while. But I digress, let's get back to the point. Drawing salve is known to have herbal properties that draw foreign proteins from under the skin. I have had clients use it on spider bites, boils (specifically the underarm and groin areas), tick bites, pimples, I even used it on a splinter on my left hand and it came out and the skin looked healed the next morning.

The special properties of this salve come from it's very specific list of ingredients. The first thing you want to do is infuse your olive oil, this is a process that can take several weeks or can be sped up by using a slow cooker. I use these herbs: comfrey, plantain, and calendula. (More info on their many benefits below)

My preferred method is pouring the oil in to a jar and placing the herbs inside and set in a warm place for a few weeks (the longer the better). Once every 5-7 days I give the jar a good shake and flip it. Once the oil is good and infused, you will strain it using a strainer and cheesecloth. Plain ole cheesecloth by itself works just as well but can be messy so wear gloves if you have them.

If you can't wait that long, placed the jar in a pot or crockpot filled with a few inches of water. Be sure to simmer on (LOW) heat or else your jar might break and you can just imagine that clean up. Be sure to keep adding water to your pot while simmering and let it cook for 4 hours, then turn off and remove from heat. Allow your oils to infuse overnight and strain in the morning.

Here are links to the companies I purchase my herbs from, Atlantic Spice Co. and Starwest Botanicals. Both have high quality products. Starwest has more options and free shipping but they are often low on stock. Atlantic Spice has great prices and free shipping but the variety isn't great. I would check both and opt for the one that suits your needs at that time.


Here is what you will need:

Comfrey - used on the skin to treat wounds and reduce inflammation from sprains and broken bones.

Plantain - Relief For Sunburns, heals insect bites, speeds up wound healing, helps scarring, treats acne and rosacea, treats skin blemishes.

Calendula - antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial, helps to heal wounds, soothes eczema, and treats diaper rash.

Olive oil - Full of antioxidants and vitamin E

Beeswax - Acts as a barrier trapping the healing ingredients next to your skin and thickens the oils, yellow or white is fine.

Vitamin E oil - An extra dose of this skin-loving vitamin.

Tea tree oil - Naturally anti-bacterial

Honey - Naturally anti-bacterial and moisturizing, great for healing wounds, Use local if you can, if not any is fine.